Record poker tournament at the Namur casino

A very large poker tournament organized by Poker Belgium and awaited for 1 year by its members, took place at the Casino de Namur from October 30 to November 4. The new Team Poker Belgium is at the origin of this competition aimed at rewarding the most deserving members. Representing the spirit of Poker Belgium, this team defends many values ​​such as that of pleasure poker or at least club poker aimed at performance and progress without breaking the bank, fair play, camaraderie, the spirit of team and also progression through reflection and work. And in the end, more than 1,000 participants battled around the poker tables to try to win this ultimate title of Champion of the Monster Tournament 2017.


On October 30 and 31 as well as November 1, players were able to take part in the satellites set up for the occasion of this Monster 2017 and allowing everyone to benefit from an inexpensive way of being selected for the tournament and to qualify for the Main Event of the week for a lower cost, with a formula offering € 10 registrations at 4:00 p.m. and allowing to acquire for this sum, stacks of 10,000 chips for blind levels of 12 minutes. In addition, latecomers could even take advantage of 6 levels of late entries and re-entry to be complete in the presentation of this qualifying formula!

Day 1D

Now that the tournament is over, it’s time to take stock of the great highlights of the competition. Thursday November 2 took place the eagerly awaited Day 1D which will have gathered 167 entries for a nice total of 71 survivors! We will also find at the end of the session a new record of stacks with the leader of the day, Bruno Ianiro, who will once again have defied the summits with 428,400 chips! He will be followed by Martin Laurent who then finished in second place with an equally impressive stack of 346,100 chips. The third to complete the podium of this 1st qualifying day will then be Thierry Nicolas who will then finish with a stacks of 309,100 chips!

The next day, the organizers will then offer a qualifying program over two days with a first day which will then begin with a Sat for the Main Event where players were offered the possibility of qualifying for the modest sum of € 10 before seeing to 6:00 p.m. on Day 1 of the Main Event of this Monster to start to allow registrants to participate in a classic structure with a buy-in set at € 50 for 50,000 chips, blinds of 45 minutes and 9 levels allowing re-entry once or to make a late arrival. Everything then goes perfectly, like music paper and all the participants have fun and dream of only one thing: to emerge victorious from this tournament which puts into play 40,000 € guaranteed in, of which 10,000 € for the only winner.

22h will then sign the Day 1F session, a formula which will then be slightly accelerated with 30-minute blinds, leaving however a fairly good depth of play for this single game with still € 50 buy-in, 50,000 chips, 9 levels to perform late arrivals and its only re-entry of the day. While 200 reservations had already been registered in advance for this session, the organizers preferred to opt for insurance by offering a crazy capacity of 540 seats in the Casino de Namur, and thus managed to accept everyone. , as is customary at Poker Belgium.

The final table is approaching

A double elimination will then propel the last 8 players to the final table. It is indeed after a long fierce fight that Grégory Schyns finally takes out the heavy machine gun to take out two competitors in one go, ending here a fairly long period without bust (player elimination) where the players will have challenged each other for a long time, playing especially not to weaken and get out! Philippe Empain will then leave with 10th place and € 475, followed closely by Gaetano Di Salvo who will finish in 9th place and also with € 475, leaving room free for the next outgoing who will then be sure to leave with € 656. !

More than 4 players at the table

Three outings are then linked in a few hands and there are only 4 left (players still in contention at the final table). We will then find Aygun Aksel leaving in 5th position with € 2,520, Bruno Englebert in 6th position with € 2,020 and Richard Ruffin in 7th position with € 1,520.


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